The message is not clear, either from the government, or through other, official channels. Most of our countries in the EU are easing up on the restrictions, with regards to shops, malls, and public areas. Is it okay to assume that we are safe now though? Let’s find out together! And let’s listen to some Bee Gees, and keep staying alive!

Jogging with social distancing can be helpful in the long run. Pun intended.

The WHO is constanly updating everyone about what they have found so far. You can also touch base with their feed here. It’s still fairly uncertain though, how the virus really spreads, and what else we should consider to keep ourselves safe. All we know now is that it’s constantly spreading, and many governments take a variety of measures to keep it at bay.

My goal with this short blog post is to give you some bullet points to keep yourself away from harm, and to be able to stay positive. The classic song from Bee Gees is living its renaissance, especially during times like these. We can all benefit from a bit more awareness.

Stay Alive, Shop Wise!

That’s the best way to get around this issue. Any time, before you decide to meet your friends, or go out on a stroll, double-check it with yourself, to be sure:

Buy only what you need, only if you cannot make it without it. Every time you go out can be a risk, even though, shopping is possibly the lowest. Source
  • Where are you going?

  • Is it necessary? Is it helpful?

  • Can I do it by avoiding a big amount of people?

  • Are there alternative options I could use to avoid crowds?

Nutrition is important. Thus, especially in an urban environment, we must buy food. This is part of our “staying alive” mentality then, in a sence. Specifically with shopping though, it is wise to rely on only necessary purchases. Also, focus on foods in bulk, and with long shelf life.

If you’d like to know which are the best foods to stock up on, for trying times, read on here.

Train with care!

With regards to exercise, you should be aware of the amount of space you can use at home. It’s not an easy time now to stay put, yet stay in shape. Here are a couple of points that you can do to make your experience the best, even with limited amount of time, or space:

Wear the mask!

Safe = Care

Every healthcare expert confirms this step. No, you won’t get oxygen deprivation.

No, they are not useless. Yes, you can save lives with it. Even your own. At one stage it was rumored to be only beneficial for those who are already infected. How can you be sure though, if you are, or aren’t yet, if there are no symptoms for 10-14 days? Be smart, don’t risk it. Staying alive 101 here.

Did you know you can also order cool, custom made ones too, you could wash later? Check some out here, and here!

Stick to a routine

Make sure to stick to a regular, already working setup for yourself. Figure out what excercises fit you, and continue doing them as many times as needed. Not only will they keep your blood pumping, they will also help leviate some of the stress you could experience from less interaction with others.

If you track your achievements every day, it can get even better. Not only will you see your progress day by day, but in the long run you can reflect at all the things you did to keep you sane, healthy, and happy. Remember though, this is not a test. It’s a marathon for life.

Stay hydrated and satiated

As always, water is key to survival. Make sure you consume plenty during these trying times as well. Especially before and after excercise. Water is more important than food. Without water, a human body stops working within a mere couple of days. I’m not trying to scare you though. Just be aware that water is life. Staying alive starts here. With hydration.

Also consuming amble amounts of nutrients is important to keep your gut, brain, and soul healthy. Being closed up could generate unforeseen challenges though. As a certified expert on over-binging (lol), I can confirm that it’s so much easier to over-indulge on that extra pack of crisps or make a bit more mash-potatoes than you would normally eat. Remember though, most of the time you’re not hungry. You might be thirsty, or bored instead.

Try breaking the laid-back habits! Include short, secluded walks around your block, or find creative ways to keep your mind off things. Maybe this is also a good time to pick up a good habit, like waking up earlier, taking cold showers, or learning a new language!

For those of you (like me), who like to have total control and understanding over their food intake, you can also try using a tracker tool like like Cronometer.

There’s also this great, vegan fitness coach on YouTube I love to listen to. His account name is Hench Herbivore, and you can find his content here. I love each and every video of his, because of the honest tone and good humor he can still maintain during workouts. He’s making this whole staying alive thing look like a walk in the park. I hope you’ll like this specific session too, which focuses on covid-workout at home.

Conclusion: be vary, stay safe, and protect others by protecting yourself. We’ll get past this, together.

Thanks for reading this post!

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