The scene is not only booming but brings great flavor and variety to dining out! Keep an eye out for these amazing places!

According to Hayes and Jarvis’ research, Dublin is currently ranked as the most vegan-friendly city in the world. Why could that be though? If you google ‘vegan restaurants’, most are found sparsely spread out, and are more centralized in New York, London, Berlin, and similar cultural centers for the vegan mindset. So how come we in Dublin have this title?

The answer can be better experienced than explained. The Emerald Isle’s capital might not have as many, entirely plant-based joints as its bigger city counterparts. However  the need to accommodate all kinds of demands is met with the usual, very local, head-and-shoulders-above approach of players on the local scene. Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Egg-free, etc… A myriad of allergies and preferences. These are all things the locals are prepared for, and by all means, are happy to provide, if asked for. 

The soul of Irish hospitality

That is also because Dublin is a flagship of the Irish warm-hearted attitude. When you come visit, you might expect a good whiskey, and maybe the deep, age-old history in cathedrals, castles, and museums, but Ireland has much more to give; its heart, with  special attention paid to individual desire. Any friend of mine who has visited Dublin confirmed this on the first day. Hospitality can never be as good as in Ireland.

Fully vegan restaurants are still a risk to open, in a sense though. According to a 2018 study from Bord Bia, only 3.5% of the local population is entirely vegan. Building a business around such a small number of people could be challenging at first. However, the same study takes experimental vegetarians, and similarly related approaches into consideration as well. After all, a vegan meal is 100% OK for the said diet’s followers.

With that in mind, and with all the latest news on animal exploitation, sustainability questions and the impossible pressure our modern consumerism could have on our planet, more and more keep looking for good alternatives to our everyday burger.

Sometimes though, this does not have to be a big change. You can still have your favorites, they’re just made out of plants! Where though? Keep reading!

The heart of Dublin holds many secrets and treasures

There will be two posts elaborating on this: the first is about entirely vegan places you won’t have to worry about at all, and the second, which should be coming out soon too, is going to describe all the alternatives you can get, at even the most surprising places!

Stay tuned, and let’s see what an adventurous vegan can acquire in our lovely city! If you like any of the places listed, make sure to click on their name to open up a direct link to their page.

Blazing Salads

While not an entirely converted member of vegan restaurants, Blazing Salads is an amazing place where you can find fresh food, amazing, home-baked cakes and cookies, and the best hand-made hummus as well. The staff is always super kind and offer advice if you need it.

If you have your own food containers, you can also bring them with you to save the packaging, for a greener environment! Make sure to try them 🙂

The Carrot’s Tail

Would you like to grab a great burger? Or have an amazing peanut cake slice? Or, are you running low on some of your cruelty-free ingredients? The Carrot’s Tail got you covered.

Make sure to arrive hungry because it’s well worth to order one of their amazing dishes. The staff is super kind, the atmosphere is amazing, and also, it’s really hard to go home after a while. Give them a go, you won’t regret it!


A magnificent, legendary place for the weary veg-lover ( and nowadays they are 99% vegan!). With that being said, this is one of the cornerstone of vegan restaurants in Dublin. Cornucopia is usually the place I take my friends to, the first time, when they visit me, or show interest in the “V” way. Great hot meals, like lentil lasagna and tofu pies await the hungry, 8 options for salads, many cookies and cakes, scones, and have surprises all the time.

Fun tips and facts: Cornucopia is not a one story buffet! The first and second floors usually provide less noise and give you a little urban view to appreciate.

Might seem a bit tricky at first, the entrance is from the right, leading to the left.

Every other Friday they even host vegan sushi from a different vendor! Sure, you can get your avo roll and cucumber makis everywhere. But a small home business of vegan silent warriors deliver boxes every now and then. They’re simply the best with all kinds of variety and great ideas. They are called SushiHome, in case you’re wondering, and they are a happy bunch of people usually seen at vegfests and Vegetarian Society events too!

Make sure to give them both a go!


This lovely place is one of the newest additions to our vegan restaurant scene. It’s located in the middle of St. George’s Arcade. If you desperately need a good burger with chips, in a decent atmosphere from lovely people, make sure to try them!

We needed a classic burger place for long now! Vegans on the rise!!!


It’s really hard to stay away from a place like Govinda’s. Always fresh, plant-based food, some vegetarian, but mostly vegan options. I’m drooling already just by thinking of their best curry tofu in town. It always feels as if I were to enter a holy place to begin with. 

The bright red frontier is right after Easons, close to O’Connell Street

Amazing establishment, very spiritual. The staff is also kind and helpful. The prices are surprisingly low compared to the amount and quality provided. They are also happy to give food to take away, so if you go in with your spare tupperware, you might even save a few more coins and enjoy their delicious meals at home!

This is by far my favorite place to go to. I’m yet to learn how to make their type of tofu consistency. Maybe not entirely by menu, but Govinda’s won my heart as the queen of vegan restaurants by approach, and atmosphere.

Happy Food (in YogaHub)

I’ve not yet checked this place out, but the reviews are coming in fast. Happy Food offers some great options, it’s super fresh, and they even do parties and deliveries. Everything a hungry vegan-curious person would look for.

Happy Pear

You’ll never get bored by the variety from The Happy Pear

Two gentlemen started out with a fun-colored, small cafe in Greystones with amazing foods and charm. Today they not only have four locations to serve at, but an amazing cook book, online tutorials and training, and even pre-packed food in supermarkets, like SuperValu! I specifically like the availability and easy approach of theirs. 

Pro tip: careful with some of their options, they are not just vegan, sometimes you can encounter vegetarian options sparingly. 

Their Airport joint (Terminal 1) also makes it a great go to place for a 100% vegan, stress-free option on the go. 

Sova Vegan Butcher

Sova Vegan Butcher is kind of a legend in Dublin. I’ve not yet visited it myself, due to distance but what my vegan friends told me are all good. Everything’s super fresh and the place is serving food that looks more like an artwork. 

Tiny place, huge legend amongst vegans

It’s recommended to have a table reservation as well, just to be sure you get a spot! Another one of the great vegan restaurants in town!

Take A Veg

A small stall that could be quite hard to find at first. Get to Moore Street Shopping Mall by turning left at the end of O’Connell street (right where you can go up on a slope), and finding the entrance at Mr. Donut on your left, before Tesco. When inside, try to find the Indian all-you-can-eat buffet. Right next to it in the corner you’ll see TAV.

Must try!

This by far is the best place to turn anyone into a v-curious person. They are the tiniest, and tastiest of the vegan restaurants around. Not only do they sell the Beyond Meat products, but they also have Moving Mountain burgers that have swayed my omnivore friends into considering plant-based alternatives for their cheat days. 

Make sure to try the tempeh fish burger too. It’s different, but also super interesting at the same time! And if you can, do spread the word about them. They are really cool and deserve all the rap they can get, even though the location is a bit harder to find.

V – Temple Bar

V is this rustic-looking bar in the middle of one of Temple Bar’s alleyways. It doesn’t look like much at first, but will positively surprise you when you get in for a treat or two. First off, the service is amazing! Caring, reassuring, positive, and super nice people help you get some good stuff in your belly.

See that neon ‘V’ sign in the upper right corner of street view? Make sure to keep an eye out for that.

They offer a lot of sambo melts (sandwiches with melted vegan cheese), desserts, and some simpler meals, like cauliflower wings and fries. Everything is super fresh and give a really good experience altogether.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the neon ‘V’ sign from any side of the alleyway. It’s easier to spot if you’re looking at the right street.


It took me a really long time to try them out, only to realize how much I’ve been missing out on. This is a good example for a cafe that is far from “just a cafe”. It’s art. Maybe brunch… It’s definitely the best curried tofu I’ve ever tried. I can’t even describe my last experience entirely, to be honest.

The rustic exterior holds many treasures within

My partner and I ate there last time and asked for two buddha bowls. Best decision ever. ALso this is where I realized how amazing dino kale crisps can taste. I’ll never make it at home because I love dino kale fresh and juicy, but they know a great way to make warm food taste good too.

Also, we’ve ordered a couple of local, freshly made baked goods. Do you miss a good apple and vanilla tart? Or a ‘pain de chocolat’? Look no further. It hits a certain spot you might have put away forever, thinking it will never happen again since your transition to veganism.

And please, if you want some good advice, make sure not to go there with too much money. You’ll leave it there. It’s worth it of course. Oh well, you’ve been warned.

Vish Shop

Fish and chips, with a thick dip of tartar sauce, please. Yes. This is a normal order here, and no, you won’t be disappointed. Vish is a vegan ‘fish n’ chips’ place! They have an amazing variety of stuff that a normal chipper would get you. You are guaranteed it’s entirely vegan though.

Glass cube on the corner. Hard to miss!

They make a lot of cooperational promotions with Veginity. No wonder, these two amazing places are quite close to each other. So don’t be surprised to see some products here and there. Not part of the classic, sit-in vegan restaurants at all, but still, one of the best joints in town!

Fish burger is amazing. Also they have some interesting twists for movie fans sometimes, like the Big Kahuna Burger. Say that again! I double dare you ***! 

Pulp Fiction rocks!

Traveling merchants

You might be lucky and normally work in an industrial / office complex. These areas usually host local, mobile food sellers of all kinds, to soothe that urging need for variety during lunchtime, usually once per week. Thanks to some great individuals, such markets also have vegan suppliers. Here are some of the current ones I’ve tested and can vouch for:


I must say, this is my favorite joint. Ever. Always nice service, always fresh stuff. I just love their hummus and anything they do with miso and tofu. My favorite burger was always the classico. Unfortunately they do not come out to the place I’m working at anymore. Alas, if you find them, give them a shout, ask what’s new, what’s fresh.

My first vegan burger-love: The Classico with homemade hummus. Only at Agatrix.

Always smiling, always fresh, always super tasty. They were the first place that reinforced my belief in veganism. I love them to bits.

Make sure to try the kale salad with strawberries and homemade hummus! And if they don’t come around you soon, make sure to check a VegFest for their banners. They are always there too!

Shoots and Roots

If you’d like to try some more “real” burgers on the v-side that don’t necessarily bleed, or behave like meat, Shoots and Roots is a good choice. You can even find them now in Supervalu

I’m not sure what’s in their burgers entirely. But they find a great taste combination every time that satiates me entirely. Super friendly vegan staff, always there to fill your belly with some well made salads and burgers.

They also add something to their homemade hummus which makes it silky, quite yellow and amazing. When you see them, make sure to give them a go!

Do you know of any vegan restaurants in Dublin I’ve not included? If you do, make sure to let me know! Or, if you’d rather stock up on vegan stuff at home, check out what I recommend to have at home during these times here.

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