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Welcome to my page! My name is Ivan and I'm here to help. I'm a vegan coach who is there to help anyone who finds their vegan transition tough at whatever stage. YVegan is founded to help you keep on track. 

I’m a professional in my early thirties who has been vegan since 2017. I’ve tested all kinds of fad diets and regimes. Basically, every one you can think of. If there was a book written about it, I've read it. Some of them worked, most of them didn't.

Today, after 3 years of a happy, cruelty-free life, my goal is to help those who might struggle with some aspect of the change. Or, they might be confused by something  they have heard about veganism.

I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to make it easier to change, if you want to.

Let's give the POWER back to YOU!

Here's what I offer:

  • My content is MANLY - it doesn't matter what you've heard from your friends. Everything I relay is based on scientific and medical studies. Nothing is more reassuring than facts.
  • My guidance makes SENSE - we won't follow horoscopes, tarot cards, and we don't stare into the sun to heal our kidneys. I'm not here to give you useless cues that do not benefit you.
  • My approach is super BUDGET- FRIENDLY - I hate spending on food if I don't have to. Don't get me wrong, veganism is full of flavor, and you'll have a great time in the plant based section of supermarkets. For your daily nutritional needs to be met, you won’t need to break the bank. It's a personal choice to be healthy. It’s super easy to be vegan and save more too!
  • Using my tried and tested method you'll be able to GAIN CONTROL of what you should - our world is an ever changing streamline of news, data, and newer technologies that give us a great deal to keep up with. Your food isn't one of these. Neither is your lifestyle. Let me show you how to exit the Matrix, on your terms!

How does it work?

I've a ton of options you can choose from. Here are a couple that could help you best on your journey:

Personal ZOOM Meetings

  • transition planning and discussion
  • nutrition advice / setup
  • become a MAN-POWER-PLANT!
  • emotional / professional support
  • I got you covered on all fronts!
  • Free 100+ page PDF included! (behold, the MAN-POWER-PLAN!)


  • plan your journey (with me!)
  • store breakdowns
  • strategies
  • budgeting


  • men-only support groups on a regular basis
  • topic of the month discussions (you name a topic, and we all discuss it together to grow)
  • progression charting
  • encouragement

Book an Appointment

Do you have any urging queries you have to ask me? Just write on Ivan at YVegan dot com! I'll answer as soon as I can! There's no silly question, only silly answers.

(Except about protein. Or, is there...?)

He's the guy who can talk to anyone in the common voice. Because of his experiences and knowledge he can show you the right way how you could be vegan too. I've started changing my lifestyle in January 2020 and he helped me a lot on the way. I can recommend him to anyone who wants to turn their health around in a better way!

Bence S.

If you are looking for an awesome, knowledgeable guy to work with, he's definitely someone I highly recommend. His friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about his service.

Leslie A.

We went to shop together in my local area. I didn't even know I have so many vegan options around me. He's quite passionate about this. His energy radiates over to everyone!

Barbara K.

Are you stuck? Is something unclear about veganism, vegetables or TOFU? Ask away!

Write a little message on Ivan at YVegan dot com!

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