Despite dread, and strange, drastic changes in our everyday lives, COVID has brought good outcomes in some areas. The air pollution of major metropolitan areas has started to reduce, wildlife seem to reoccupy some parts of the world, and even Venice, the ever dying city has reported crystal clear water and unseen beauty. Is it permanent though? Can it be?

Of course it can! All it will need though is for us, humans, to continue the positive changes in our lifestyle:

Don’t go on unnecessary trips.
If you can, try to work from home more. Think about the amount of waste generated with every trip. Can you reduce it? Do you have to have the journey in question? Consideration already helps.

You can get your favorite vegan donuts after the crisis, delivered home, if needed!

Firstly, appreciate what you have and make the best out of it
For me, isolation taught that I have many more resources than I could think of. You may have learned something similar. Also, try to use up everything in time first.

If you can, switch to alternative traveling methods.
Public transportation systems are not just convenient but environmentally friendly. And healthier as well.

While it might not too appealing, the bus reduces air pollution, saves money, and the environment. More info here

The alternative options are vast, but, in my opinion, also mandatory. Please don’t forget: we only have one planet to keep. It is well within our power to do so in a helpful way. Not just for ourselves, but for the generations to come.

More information on the latest reports, from the experts here.

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