I never thought I would be "one of them" vegans

and yet, the more I read about the topic,
the more convinced I got.

The Vegan Compass is not only a sheet of paper with links. It's the knowledge I've collected and sifted through from my years of asking questions, over and over. I've done so until I reached a science-based answer to most of the general concerns one could have, when going wild with on the veggie front.


You Will Get

  • All the basics about veganism, explained in detail

  • Medical experts, their research, and related media attention

  • Independent research studies that back up every part of veganism, and the attempts to make our world a better place

  • General information and understanding where a plant-based individual gets their food from

  • Nutrition deep-dive for those interested in the knitty-gritty of eating well

  • Youtube, Facebook, Instagram accounts to influencers that are worth your time

  • Basic cooking for those who need a little pick-me-up on that front

WARNING! This is not a simple book!



This is a compass. The main point is to help you in the World of Vegans. You need links. You need content. You need guidance on how to start. I got you.



Everything I built The Vegan Compass on is backed up by recent studies, science, and medical experts. A huge part of it details their work as well.



I'm not going to tell you why veganism is the best thing you can do for Planet Earth. Or, for yourself. Experts will. It will be up to you to make up your mind.

What can motivate anyone to go vegan?

I became vegan in 2017 by a lucky experiment. I only wanted to try to eat more veggies on a light April day. I grew up as an orginary omnivore, eating pigs, chickens, and never having a second thought of where these "tasty options" come from.

I never thought I would be "one of them vegans", and yet, the more I read about the topic, the more convinced I got that this is for me.




One could argue that it's never morally justified to kill sentient beings, only to satiate our desire for flavor. This is usually the biggest reason people turn towards veganism. It's also the original thought behind the first vegan movement in the United Kingdom.

Environmental reasons

You might be concerned about the carbon footprint of yourself, or of what you eat. Or, you might be wondering how even one person could change a global issue that might be strongly related to the expedited changes of Global Warming.

Medical reasons

Amongst other things, a plant-based (vegan) diet is responsible for decreasing your chances to suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many more problems that relate to eating a standard diet.


My Readers Say

Here's what those who read my book say about it. We've achieved some amazing results together!

We went to shop together in my local area. I didn't even know I have so many vegan options around me. He's quite passionate about this. His energy radiates over to everyone!


If you are looking for an awesome, knowledgeable guy to work with, he's definitely someone I highly recommend. His friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about his service.


He's the guy who can talk to anyone in the common voice. Because of his experiences and knowledge he can show you the right way how you could be vegan too. I've started changing my lifestyle in January 2020 and he helped me a lot on the way. I can recommend him to anyone who wants to turn their health around in a better way!



Are you still concerned about something? Browse to the FAQs below to see if I answer some of your queries.

The Vegan Compass is for everybody. More specifically though, it is aimed at those who already decided to live a more greener life, but struggle with certain aspects.

My book is more like a textbook for transition. It addresses general issues you might be having while starting out. Also, it includes everything from a scientific perspective you would be needing at any point.


I've also included my favorite tools, tips, and know-hows, that could benefit you. They can enhance the experience greatly.

I firmly belive that we all should know more about our own choices and decisions. The more you learn about a subject, the more confident you can get in recalling details about it. 


Veganism is no different. Those who prepare more tend to stick with positive changes better. It's no rocket science, but going entirely vegan can have its challenges on the way. I aim to address those beforehand, and help you with The Vegan Compass.

The Vegan Compass is only a start. A good one at that, though. We all keep learning, every step of the way. The Compass will give you a great base to build your knowledge on, and have the right mindset to tackle any difficulty you might be facing.

Indeed, everything that you could be facing, with regards to veganism, is addressed here. If anything else would come up you would like to discuss, write me a message on ivan@yvegan.com so I can help you out personally.

It depends on what you prefer. I wrote everything in an easy-to-follow system, so you can always find what you're looking for by just checking the table of contents.


You can also choose to read everything on each topic, to give you a more rounded level of expertise on things. Whatever floats your boat, the book will benefit you in the long run.

If after purchase you realize that this is not your cup of tea, I'm happy to give you a refund. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

Certainly! Not only do I explain, in detail, what you should ask when you go out, but also, I have an entire shopping section to prepare you for any kind of traveling experience as well. The key is to be prepared, and to practice.

Currently I'm not working on translating the book to other languages. If the need arises, I might prepare it in the future.

The Vegan Compass


The Handbook you’ve been waiting for!

I’ve collected the sole essence of veganism in these pages:

  • what veganism is about, and how to become better at it
  • which media channels, movies, influencers are out there to follow
  • whom should you follow, and what medical experts say
  • cooking tips for absolute amateurs
  • FAQ

And so much more!

This is not a pdf. Also not a book!

This is a handbook for those that need a great baseline of knowledge on veganism. Also, if you love amazing flavors, a great lifestyle, and would want to join the best movement that actually causes things to change, grab your copy now!


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